At ARTproducts, you can sell your finished products and accept orders for custom (original) products. Every day, the platform is visited by many designers, architects and those who want to create their own dream home.

На ARTproductsYou can also sell materials and equipment for construction and repair on ARTproducts. In short, everything you need for non-trivial construction and repair of your home or office.

How to create a store on the ARTproducts platform

A store on ARTproducts is very easy and fast to open.

If you don't have an account yetIf you don't have an account yet, create one.

1. ClickCreatea store at the bottom of the site or the corresponding icon if you log in from a mobile device:

2. In the window that opens, enter the information required for registering the seller.

3. Select the appropriate pricing plan.

4. Specify your city from which you will send parcels to customers. Click " Submit»

5. After your account is approved by the platform administrator, you will have access to your store's settings and will be able to add products.

What to do when the customer has placed an order

1. Specify all the terms of the transaction, if required. On the order page, you can correspond with the customer and specify delivery and payment details. It also shows all information about the order (delivery address, buyer's name, phone number, etc.) and the conversation history.
It is also possible to partially change the order structure and transaction terms if you are generally ready to fulfill it, but cannot sell some positions. When you make changes, the buyer will receive a notification about this.

2. When all the order conditions have been finalized, confirm this by changing the order status to"Accepted". After that, you and the buyer get the opportunity to leave feedback to each other on this transaction.

3. Send the completed order to the customer.

4. As soon as the customer gets their hands on their order, they can leave feedback about the quality of your products to recommend you as a reliable seller to other customers.

How much does it cost to place ads on the platform

The cost of creating a store from 19 euros / year. With this, you immediately have the opportunity to place products and start selling. Payment for platform services will be in the form of a commission for paid orders. To get all the opportunities for store development, select and pay for the tariff plan that suits you.
Each tariff provides a specific set of features and allows you to choose the optimal solution for your business. The cost of fares can be viewed at the link " Price list»

For advice on choosing the best pricing plan for your business, contact our customer support Teamin your country.

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